As a Christian, I wonder if it is possible for another Christian to be a Democrat? Is there such a thing as a Christian Democrat? Their platform seems to be hellbent on the following: 1) Destroying America as we have known it. Just see BLM and other anarchist movements. 2) Ensuring Abortion is legal everywhere, even to the point of killing a baby after it has been born. 3) Deconstructing any and all support structures for religion, specifically directed at Christian churches. (Tax Free etc) 4) Abolishing the 2nd Amendment. Leaving us unable to defend our rights. 5) Boycott Divest Sanction Israel movement, with the help of George Soros. Which amazingly ironic, check his childhood. Perfect match. 6) Anything said towards the Chinese totalitarianship = racist. Remember the Never Never Never slogan for allowing the holocaust to happen on this planet again? Look no further than China today and their muslim and Christian populations. 7) Labeling people that believe the bible 100% as crazy lunatics. I personally can't see how people believe wholeheartedly in evolution vs creationism. If you do just even a little bit of homework you will find amazing flaws in their arguments. Carbon dating and the use of Egypt to incorrectly date all prehistoric and historical sites in Europe and Asia is another stinker. There is a lot more I could throw up there. But the list was already getting long. My thoughts are, once the Democratic party takes control of the House Senate and Presidency, they will unleash their full wrath on Christianity in America. And the mobs will be their police, to include Google/YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, and the rest. Like China, you will have to go to extreme length to find a gathering place to voice your opposition. You won't see or hear any of the opposition on the major news networks. And it will be censored and banned online. The way I see it, this is bound to happen anyways. In order for bible prophecy to be fulfilled, a strong Christian Nation with a strong leader cannot be present in the world scene. Ironically, the left will not go after Islam. Even though that religion is against absolutely everything the left stands for. I'm sure there are Christians who are Democrats. But they are lying to themselves and bending all kinds of truths in order to justify their stance. This is where a two party system breaks down.